About Chathurmasya

“Chaturmasya” is approximately two months duration of the year, when the Parivrajakas remain in one place having called temporary cessation for their ever moving Sanchara. This is rainy season of the year extending from Ashadha to Bhadrapada. There are many climatic, social and philosophical explanations for this observation of Chaturmasyam. Sanyasins for whom it is a taboo to remain in one place for longer duration have been compelled by Shastras to remain in one place till the best part of the rain is over.

One important explanation that everyone should know is that the ascetics remain in one place during this period and impart religious and spiritual knowledge to the people around them . This leads to improvement of the spiritual and moral values of the society. This is the most auspicious time when people observe strictures in consumption of food and render services to Sanyasins who have condescended to remain in their company during Chaturmasyam. Varaha Purana says that whatever good deeds like Snana Japa, Dhyana,and Dana performed in in Chaturmasyam will yield manifold results. This is said to be a great opportune moment for devout people to accumulate Punya by doing all auspicious deeds.

Udupi Shri Puttige Matha is one among the Udupi Astha Mathas, the most sacred religious institutions of India dating back to 12th century Madhwa tradition with glorious history of many illustrious saintly personalities. His Holiness Sugunendra Teertgha Swamiji , became the 30th descendent Swamiji in the lineage of Puttige Matha at the age of 12. He has the most sacred and immaculate blazing career of sainthood spanning for more than four decades and has already completed three Paryaya s of Udupi Skri Krishna Pooja which comes once in sixteen years. In the last two decades, he has emerged as the Global messenger of Madhwa Philosophy and Dwaitha School of Vedanta. He has made invaluable contribution for the Indian religious and cultural past by taking the message of Vedas, Bhagavad Geetha to the entire world, by establishing scores of religious institution in India, USA ,and other parts of the world. He is on a spiritual mission by imparting traditional Vedic education to thousands of young boys in many Gurukulas in India, in addition to imparting cultural and religious education to the children of Indian immigrants in other countries to protect the cultural and religious roots of the Indian population living abroad. His Holiness Sugunendra Teertha swamiji has joined hands with the political and religious leaders of the world forum and has been working for the establishing peace and harmony among the different faiths of the world.

His Holiness Sugunendra Teertha swamiji has completed 41 chaturmasya Deeksha and he has very kindly accepted the devotees appeal to perform Chturmasyam in Bangalore this time of 2016.